The Germanacos Foundation
Alliance for Girls


Alliance for Girls (AFG) is a membership-based association of girl-serving organizations and leaders providing a strong voice for girls across the San Francisco Bay Area. AFG has approximately 60 member organizations serving more than 90,000 girls.


Our mission is to champion the leaders and voices that support tomorrow’s young women by providing leadership training, collaboration opportunities and advocacy for its members and the girl’s service industry at large.



Encounter is a conflict-trans­for­ma­tion orga­ni­za­tion, equip­ping influ­en­tial Jewish leaders from across the polit­ical and ideo­log­ical spectra with access to Palestinian perspec­tives. 


Underlying all of Encounter’s work is the core belief that inno­v­a­tive strate­gies for peace will be created only when influ­en­tial stake­holders in a conflict have oppor­tu­ni­ties to meet one another, to open them­selves to previ­ously disre­garded points-of-view, and to develop rela­tion­ships across polit­ical and ideo­log­ical divides.




Led by neuroscientist and opera singer Dr. Indre Viskontas, the multi-faceted project is designed  to investigate and understand how music builds communities, creates hope, alleviates suffering and provides meaning in times of trouble.


Combining science to extract general principles and art to explore the subjective experience, the goal of this project is to illuminate what is universal in our relationship with music, particularly when it leads to a greater sense of connection with others. 

Interfaith Youth Core


Through the Germanacos Fellows Initiative, IFYC will grant five fellowships of $5,000 each to IFYC-trained alumni for projects that explore new ideas and build capacity for interfaith cooperation in their chosen career sectors. IFYC will select alumni for this initiative among its alumni who are cultivating interfaith cooperation in many areas, including policy and government relations, media, higher education, and leadership in both religious and intentionally secular communities. The Initiative will contribute to the leadership skills of these alumni, build their professional networks, advance interfaith cooperation in their particular fields, and create excitement among graduating seniors to engage with the IFYC Alumni Program.

The Other


Set to launch in 2015, “The Other” is an experiment in the limits and possibilities of human understanding. It is a series of ten sets of dialogues, each between two people. The first person in the series chooses someone very different than him or her to have a dialogue with, and they talk; the second person chooses a third, and they talk; and so on. The dialogues will be recorded and used as the raw material for a multimedia website and an educational curriculum. "The Other" is a project of Working Narratives.



Music has a power beyond its own sounds, transcending cultural and social boundaries to educate both performers and audience in the art of listening.

With this principle in mind, Polyphony seeks to to provide underprivileged Arab-Israeli youth with a unique and dynamic pathway to equal opportunity and full participation in the building of future civil society.

San Francisco Arts Education Project’s Interdisciplinary Arts Program


A fully scholarshipped visual arts intensive for seven high-school students taught by renowned San Francisco artist Agelio Batle and his wife, Delia Batle, in the Batle Studio.


The IA program has been designed to develop technique, artistic voice and creative thinking. Students participate in discussions about contemporary art and artists with regard to content, form and technical skill. Students also develop their own body of work, based on their own interests, to develop a portfolio, which can be used to apply to art programs in art colleges or universities.

Stanford History Education Group (SHEG)  


SHEG conducts research on the teaching and learning of history, develops literacy-based curriculum and assessment materials, and provides outreach to elementary and secondary history teachers.  

With the  support of the Germanacos Foundation, SHEG is creating a 6th and 7th grade Reading Like a Historian curriculum for San Francisco Public Schools. The curriculum engages students in authentic historical inquiry by placing the textbook in the backseat in favor of original historical sources.

Story/Space: Young People Explore Place and Storytelling Online


Story/Space is an online learning experience designed for high school students to reflect on places that are important to them, and share their stories with a diverse group of peers. Students from across the world complete activities that include neighborhood photography, community mapping, and creative writing. In addition, they interact on a social media-inspired platform tailored to support learning through conversation. The goal is to provide enriching opportunities for young people to: a) explore their identities and worldviews; b) connect with people whose experiences and perspectives may be different; and c) engage in meaningful dialogue online.

Story/Space has been developed in connection with Out of Eden Learn and with the support of Project Zero, a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Voice of Witness


Voice of Witness publishes a book series that depicts human rights injustices through the stories of the men and women who experience them. The Voice of Witness Education Program brings these stories, and the issues they reflect, into high schools and communities through oral history-based curricula and holistic educator support.